Joseph Crnko
Photo © Yuen Lui Studio

Joseph Crnko

Associate Conductor for Choral Activities

Joseph Crnko joined the Seattle Symphony as the Associate Conductor for Choral Activities in September 2007. He is in his 30th year as Music Director of the Northwest Choirs, the Northwest’s premier youth choral organization, which includes both the Northwest Boychoir and Vocalpoint! Seattle. In this time, the Northwest Choirs has established itself as a prominent member of the Pacific Northwest performing arts community, sharing the stage regularly with the Seattle Symphony in addition to other area professional arts organizations.

Crnko regularly conducts orchestral and choral recording sessions for movie and video game soundtracks. Among his many projects are the films The Last Stand, Let Me In, Boondock Saints, The Celestine Prophecy, and such video games as Halo, Medal of Honor and World of Warcraft.

Crnko has served as Music Director for Civic Light Opera in Seattle and for productions with Alaska Light Opera Theatre, Evergreen Theatre Conservatory, Seattle Children’s Theatre and the Professional Actors Training Program at the University of Washington.

Crnko holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Percussion Performance from CSU Sacramento, and a Master’s Degree in Instrumental Conducting from the University of Washington, where he studied with conductor Michel Singher. Crnko lives in Seattle with his wife, Wendee, and their two children, Katharine and Nick.

Christina Siemens

Rehearsal Pianist

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