Pauline Cheviller

Pauline Cheviller


After a year of study at Florian Sitbon’s Studio de formation théâtrale and a second year at the Studio d'Asnières, actress Pauline Cheviller was accepted to the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique in 2010. She then spent three years under the tutelage of Jean Damien Barbin, with whom she discovered the works of Maeterlinck, Sony Labou Tansi, and Antonin Artaud. She played Caesonia in Camus' Caligula, Irina in Copi's Homosexual (directed by Philippe Calvario), and, while pursuing her theatrical training, appeared in 24 jours, the last film by Alexandre Arcady. She can also be seen in Malik Chibane's final film, Les enfants de la chance, in the lead female role.

In 2014 she performed the role of Salomé in a musical comedy based on Oscar Wilde's play of the same title, and appeared in the play Humanité, inspired by the German poem of August Stramm and staged by Thomas Bouvet. She portrayed the girl in Joël Dragutin's production of Pasolini’s Affabulazione under the stage direction of Lucas Bonnifait, and was cast in the roles of “La fille aux cheveux nuit” at the Lyncéus festival in Binic, and as Calypso in an adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey, under the direction of Antonin Fadinard and Antoine Joly. She recently collaborated with François Hébert in a short film directed by Antonin Fadinard, based on Les Justes by Camus.

Pauline starred in Stravinsky's Perséphone, directed by Peter Sellars at the Opéra de Lyon, and continued to work with Mr. Sellars in 2016 at the Festival of d'Aix en Provence, embodying the role of Antigone in Oedipus Rex.

A lyric soprano who enjoys singing both les chansons françaises as well as songs featuring her original lyrics, Pauline Cheviller also practices dance and is an equestrian.

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