Violins of Hope

The Violins of Hope are a unique private collection of string instruments that belonged to Jews who played them before and during the Holocaust. Lovingly restored, they can now be heard again even though their former owners were silenced. Music of Remembrance brings a quartet of these historic instruments to Seattle for a special concert of music by composers lost to the Holocaust. Even as the number of living survivors continues to dwindle, Violins of Hope helps to keep stories and memories alive. Featuring violinists Mikhail Shmidt, Natasha Bazhanov, Artur Girsky; violist Susan Gulkis Assadi, cellist Walter Gray, and clarinetist Laura DeLuca.  

Benaroya Hall Events

Dates and Tickets

  • 1 Mar (Sun) 2020 5:30PM


Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall - Benaroya Hall