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We Are the Art


The goal of We Are The Art was to provide formerly homeless participants with an opportunity to discover their voices and share their stories through music. In this 6-week course, participants worked together to create a group composition. Along the way, they became part of a community – both with one another and with the Seattle Symphony. Teaching Artist, Lena Console, facilitated conversations to generate community agreements, deepen individual person reflection and make artistic choices together as a group.


We are the art
the earth composes
so let us
appreciate beauty
in each other.
- Poem by Hannah Scarlet

We Are the Art

I. Moonless Night
Dark, black night. Bright stars out of reach. Seeking and not obtaining.
Unknown paths. We wander through our lives, unable to…

II. Forest of Desire
Living in darkness, we come to know the unseen rule of life: struggling from
desires. We dance toward a light that is not there and don’t know where to go.
There is no music in our souls.

III. Finding the Fire
After wandering endlessly, seeking from the outside, we come upon ourselves.
Inside, we see a small spark, a glimmer of music.

IV. Radiance
We have a star inside our souls. A light that blinds yet makes the unseen seen.
We have music inside our souls. We sing our song.


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