Dvořák & Schubert


Dig deep into Schubert’s fantastical fever dreams of contemplating death, played out in tender tones by a quartet of strings. Dvořák, meanwhile, offers a haughty serenade full of life and regimental style, contrasting Schubert's haunting melodies.


Natasha Bazhanov, Second Violin

Artur Girsky, Second Violin

Mae Lin, First Violin

Sayaka Kokubo, Viola

Meeka Quan DiLorenzo, Cello

Eric Han, Cello

Travis Gore, Bass

Chengwen Winnie Lai, Oboe

Mary Lynch, Oboe

Laura DeLuca, Clarinet-E-Flat Clarinet

Benjamin Lulich, Clarinet

Seth Krimsky, Bassoon

Paul Rafanelli, Bassoon

Jenna Breen, Horn

Jonathan Karschney, Horn

John Turman, Horn

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