Beethoven & Shostakovich


While composing his Ninth String Quartet, Shostakovich discarded a whimsical early version based on childhood themes and opted for a more assertive musical narrative. Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 11, subtitled “Serioso,” foreshadows some of Shostakovich’s trademarks, including dramatic, unexpected harmonic shifts and experimental structures. His Horn Sextet unfolds like a smaller-scale concerto, with virtuosic horn lines supported by the string quartet.


Elisa Barston, Second Violin

Natasha Bazhanov, Second Violin

Brittany Breeden, Second Violin

Artur Girsky, Second Violin

Andy Liang, First Violin

Mikhail Shmidt, First Violin

Mara Gearman, Viola

Sayaka Kokubo, Viola

Rachel Swerdlow, Viola

Nathan Chan, Cello

Walter Gray, Cello

Eric Jacobs, Clarinet-Bass Clarinet

Seth Krimsky, Bassoon

Jenna Breen, Horn

Jonathan Karschney, Horn

Alexander White, Trumpet

Jessica Choe, Piano

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