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Dutch composer Reinbert de Leeuw reimagines the songs of Schubert and Schumann, infusing them with rawness and danger. Written in the style of 1920s German cabaret, de Leeuw creates a vulnerable, idiosyncratic and ultimately beautiful cycle, a journey through life and tragic love, with all the emotions that accompany it.


Sarah Ioannides, Conductor

Maria Männistö, Soprano

Brittany Breeden, Second Violin

Mae Lin, First Violin

Timothy Hale, Viola

Nathan Chan, Cello

Eric Han, Cello

Travis Gore, Bass

Jeffrey Barker, Flute

Ben Hausmann, Oboe

Benjamin Lulich, Clarinet

Eric Jacobs, Clarinet-Bass Clarinet

Paul Rafanelli, Bassoon

Jenna Breen, Horn

Li-Tan Hsu, Piano

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