Beethoven & Stravinsky


Though written for just two musicians, Stravinsky's ambitious Duo Concertant takes on the spirit of a full-fledged concerto. Stravinsky crafted this lean instrumentation for his own concert touring, faced with the prospect of performing in cities without established orchestras.


Mae Lin, First Violin

Mikhail Shmidt, First Violin

Susan Gulkis Assadi, Viola

Eric Han, Cello

Zartouhi Dombourian-Eby, Flute-Piccolo

Mary Lynch, Oboe

Eric Jacobs, Clarinet-Bass Clarinet

Jenna Breen, Horn

Jessica Choe, Piano

Byron Schenkman, Piano

Paul Rafanelli, Bassoon

Joseph Kaufman, Bass

Sayaka Kokubo, Viola

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