The musicians of the Seattle Symphony performed orchestral and chamber works by noted classical composers including Rahim AlHaj (Iraq), Kinan Azmeh (Syria), Alireza Motevaseli (Iran), Ali Osman (Sudan), Gity Razaz (Iran) as well as a traditional song from Somalia and “America the Beautiful.”

Music Beyond Borders was a celebration of musical traditions from another part of the world, but more than that it was a celebration of community. It was a celebration of the bonds that connect us all.

Arising from the deep convictions and values of our orchestra members to be inclusive and to honor the great musical cultures of Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Somalia and Syria, the concert was a celebration of the diversity of our city, our nation and our world.

Music is a universal language that knows no borders, creates a greater understanding and brings us closer. The tremendous outpouring of support from everyone in the audience, and the hundreds of thousands who joined us online, was a testament to the power music has to unite us, to bring people together.

Please continue to share the video with your friends and family so that the voices we heard in performance may continue to bring beauty, joy and hope to all who hear them.

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