Octave 9: Raisbeck Music Center

Formerly known as SoundBridge, Octave 9: Raisbeck Music Center redefines how you experience music, art, learning and events. Through state-of-the-art technology and design, Octave 9 creates an immersive yet flexible environment for truly unique event experiences in the heart of downtown Seattle.

As an open concept, flexible event space, Octave 9 is perfect for business meetings/presentations, banquets or receptions, media announcements, video previews and intimate musical performances. Designed to change and enhance the acoustical architecture of the space, Octave 9 features the incredible Meyer Sound Constellation Sound System.

General Information


  • Seated meal, up to 96 (twelve 60” rounds w/ 8 chairs each – no curved screens deployed)
  • Standing reception, up to 150
  • Theater-style seating, up to 120 (no curved screens)
  • Theater-style seating, 80 to 90 (with curved screens deployed)
  • Cabaret Tables + Theater-style mixed: up to 80

Included in the facility use fee (rental fee) is the use of furniture owned by Benaroya Hall, such as: 60” banquet rounds, 6’ tables, 8’ tables, 30” round cocktail tables and up to 120 customized Octave 9 chairs. Also included in the facility use fee (rental fee) is the use of the built-in Meyer Sound Constellation Sound System (pre-set options), built-in LED lighting that can easily be adjusted for color and room ambiance, and a large built-in LCD video wall to easily display video or presentation content.

Catering & Concessions:

Provided exclusively through Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering. No outside food or beverage is allowed. To discuss food and beverage options, please contact the Catering Sales Manager at 206-336-6605. Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering helps coordinate linens, napkins, china, glassware, etc.


Octave 9 is also equipped with a total of 13 curved projection screens that can be deployed around a circular track in the ceiling. There are 10 ultra-short throw HD projectors installed in the ceiling that provide visual content to the curved screens. The use of the curved screens and ultra-short throw projectors allow for immersive concert or event experiences to take place in an intimate environment.

Facility users are also responsible for labor costs. Labor could consist of Octave 9 Operations Coordinator, union stage crew, security/ushers, box office staff and room setup/strike. Labor is calculated based on an event timeline, and a detailed understanding of event production requirements.