2019–2020 Seattle Speaker Series

National Geographic Live returns to Benaroya Hall for another extraordinary season! Our 20192020 Seattle Speaker Series brings the top National Geographic photographers, scientists, filmmakers and adventurers to Benaroya Hall to share their unbelievable behind-the-scenes stories and stunning images and video.

On October 2729, follow conservationist Damien Mander on his journey forming the first all-female ranger unit in Zimbabwe to protect Africa’s ecosystems from poachers. On January 12–14, photographer Shannon Wild gives you an inside look at the challenges and dangers of documenting rare black panthers in the dense forests of India. On February 911, bioengineer and research diver Kakani Katija takes you deep into the ocean to share how its inhabitants could lead to breakthroughs in bio-inspired design. On March 2224, join photographer Carlton Ward Jr. to follow the footsteps of bears, panthers and more in an endangered wildlife corridor hidden in his native Florida. On May 3–5, photographer Joel Sartore shares his ambitious Photo Ark project, a heartfelt mission to capture portraits of the world’s species before they disappear. Finally, on May 17–19, dive in and celebrate the ocean with filmmaker Andy Mann as he travels across all seven continents to tell the story of our rapidly changing planet.

6-show subscriptions start at just $189.

Single tickets start at just $36.

Hotel Sponsor: Washington Athletic Club

The National Geographic Live speaker series is presented by the Seattle Symphony. The orchestra will not perform on these programs.

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